I had fun operating W100AW from the W1AW facility in Newington, T. It was a very exciting and rewarding trip.

This & That

At long last I have moved into my new shack. Completely sound proofed for my XYL's sanity. Operating conditions, Two Yaesu FT-1000Ds, Alpha 78 amp (behind me) and an ACOM 1000 (Foreground). I installed 110V/AC outlets every 5 feet around the room with 2-240V outlets for the amps. All are coonected to a sub-panel inside the shack that connects to a transfer switch that will cut me over to generator power
if we ever go off the grid. Not pictured: An area of the 20'X12' room is used for Audio/Video production and a corner is occupied by my drum kit. This is truly my 'ManCave'.

 This is basically a Friends

page and I start it off with

my BEST FRIEND.. and

love of my  life, my Wife

Karen (pronounced 
CAR-EN). We met in 1981

and married in 1982, but,

it always feels like I met

her yesterday.

Say hello to my son Logan.

Born in 1984 I am so
proud to watch him grow.
At present a District Manager
for a major wine and spirits
distributor, Logan continually
exhibits an admirable work
ethic, but, his personality will
capture you.

Meet Mai Temraz (E41MT). I was honored to host Mai on  her recent
visit to San Francisco. She is the 1st woman to be  licensed in Gaza,
Palestine.  She and her husband Walaa  (E41WT) are also the  first  married
couple to be so licensed.


During her month long stay, Mai, expressed a desire to experience
as much Amateur Radio as possible. Our first stop was the  Pacificon  Convention in Sunnyvale Oct 10-12, 2014. The next stop  was our  San Francisco Radio Club Meeting on the 17th.  There she  also took  advantage of our VE Test program, passing both elements  for Technician  and General with 100%. Through both events many  HAMS had the opportunity to meet this remarkable person. On the  Sunday before her departure she visited my home and cooked a  traditional Palestinian  meal for my wife and I. It was a true delight  to meet and get to know  her; someone I am happy to call friend.  Oh, her new U.S. call sign is KD9CJN.


The remainder of U.S. visit called for a stop in Washington, D.C.,
then a visit with her QSL Manager  Ayman (KB9GSY) in Indiana and
a final stop in El Paso, Texas  to visit another friend and take her EXTRA exam.

I will miss her presence and hope to keep in touch via HF.



E41MT operates from K6BV

   This is Stan, SM7WT.
I met Stan on the air one
morning and
we ended

up chatting for 45
minutes.  We made
plans to
meet at the
International DX  Convention  in Visalia,

CA., back in  April of 2010.  He almost did not make that trip from Sweden because of the massive volcanic eruption  that halted most air traffic that year. Well he did make it,  giving an  entertaining  presentation at the convention. It was great to  meet this  gentleman in person.


I try to help Stan promote his project which is a CD Book of  stories from HAMs around the world, sharing their experiences  in our hobby, our passion that is Amateur Radio.

If you are a HAM with a story, please look up Stan at QRZ.com  and send it along. Thanks.

   I met Ernesto at an SFARC

meeting a few years back.
One of our members brought
him to the meeting where
Ernesto gave  us a view of his
Amateur Radio Club and
a flavor of German culture. I
have not  connected with him
on the radio, yet, but  we keep regular contact through email.


Here is a fine gentleman, Wolf (DJ4OA). And

what a small world. We met on-air a month

before the 2012 DX convention. Interestingly,

my friend Andrew (W7VJ) had asked that I

try to find his friend, Wolff at the Convention. 

After our HF QSO we made point of meeting.

After an SFRC meeting. (L-R)
Stuart Watchman  (ZL2TW),
Dean Straw  (N6BV) & Myself.


Stuart is a good friend from

New Zealand. No one can  tell

a story better.


Dean is a dear friend to the
SFRC and helps us each year

just before Field Day